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  • Build Signage solutions and IoT applications based on open-sourced pisignage-server, nodejs and Raspberry Pi
  • Ship solution-specific progressive web and mobile apps based on React & React-Native
  • Leverage the benefits of the already proven features of piSignage
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About Us

Colloqi Consulting was started in July 2015 to focus exclusively on piSignage(Founder Profile).Since 2010, the team has been delivering solutions to enterprises built upon node.js server along with Angular/Ionic based mobile apps.

We developed piSignage in 2014 and since have been innovating continuously on the same with help from our users.

The team is also experienced in developing Internet TV device for schools and other products using time-tested Linux & open-source Software. We have strong understanding of the systems design; the reliability, accessibility and serviceability aspects of the devices in a distributed environment.

piSignage is being used by 5000+ users as of Sep 2017 and we have delivered more than 30 custom made solutions for Signage. In addition, numerous people have downloaded piSignageopen-source server repositoryand developed their own piSignage based Signage solutions.

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What Customers have to say

"Thanks for all of the recent changes – It’s great to see a product that listens and reacts so well. I’lll keep the comments coming to help you develop a great product!"

Geoff Kendal

"I like the look and simplicity of the piSignage product / service - keep up the great work!!"

David Florey

“...The quality of the images and videos displayed on the screens is outstanding! The Digital Signage Solution has been installed and running on both passenger vessels for around 6 months with not a single reported fault. Our solution required several bespoke modifications. Ravi’s support and dedication during the building and testing stages and ongoing support has been incredible. Ravi made himself available to us whenever we needed his help despite the time difference here in the UK.

Chris B,
Redfortress Ltd,UK

...Also custom modules are easily integrated due to software's flexibility to suite any requirements. We had used this for hotel Menus, live streaming of YouTube channels, basic digital signage, even in two of our custom built train info systems. Best thing about this is, it is very easy to deploy. Server installation and player configuration is easy and most of the help is easily available. And hardware requirement is very minimal compared to any other solution out there.”

Hitesh Hambarde
Armour Display Systems

Many have already built their signage solutions

Build Customized Signage Solutions on top of piSignage and Raspberry Pi

White Label Server to build your own Signage

We offer white-labelled piSignage server which is based on the same code base and has the same features as that of pisignage.com. We customise the UI to suit your needs. It will be hosted in your server under your logo and brand name.

We do the installation, updates and support of the software during the license period. All this for a very reasonable annual server license fee and one-time purchase of player licenses.

Open Source Server based solutions

Whenever you want to setup a local-server based Signage for your organization for showing dashboards, menus, camera feed or want to setup a IoT display for showing content based on real-time events, external or location data, start with ouropen-source server.

We will help you to build custom modules on top for your special needs be it offline transfer, connecting serial port or sensors or even generating customized reports.

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Thousands of organizations across industries are using piSignage for applications like video distribution, streaming, digital signage, info-displays, dashboards, notice-boards, menu-display etc. since 2014.




server installations


major releases

Examples of Deployed Solutions

Our customers have shipped many piSignage based solutions, here are few

Travel Video Network

Distribution of travel videos based on the city and the hotel. The videos are uploaded and deployed centrally. They are downloaded and played locally by the players according to the city and the hotel, meanwhile ensuring content is up-to date.

Signage Service

Multiple partners have created signage services based on piSignage. They operate signage services under their brand. The server software is hosted in their servers and updates are regularly posted. We have more than 10 partners using this service.

Corporate Signage

Pharmaceuticals, Retail Enterprises, School Districts have created their Signage distribution network with piSignage. They create distribution groups based on geographical regions and major cities wherein they push content regularly.

Ticketing info & Coach Display

Ticket Reservation Counter screens display ticket information along with adverts. The ticketing data is captured through serial port by a nodejs process in real-time. In another implementation train coach numbers are displayed on the train platform depending on screen location.

Passenger Vessel Screens

Passneger Vessel screens are managed by a on-screen pisignage-server (running on a Pi) due to limited Internet connectivity. The assets, playlists and schedule info are created in the office, bundled into a USB stick and manually uploaded to the Vessel server.

Signage with Interactive TV

Trial rooms in clinics have screens which regularly display information videos and clinic specific content. Whenever patient uses TV remote, video repository stored on the player is listed. Patinet can select a specific video and watch. When there is no interactivity signage function takes over.

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